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Showing and Feedback Service Giving Seller's Total Control

  • You confirm showings

  • Feedback sent directly to you

  • Set appointments via text

Every listing with RealStar gets to take advantage of our centralized showing service for free. Our professional showing service is much better than that offered by many of our competitors. Traditionally, a buyer's agent will call a listing agent's office to set up a showing. Then the listing agent will call you (the seller) to see if the time is ok. Then your agent has to call the buyer's agent back to confirm that the time works or suggest a different time. If your listing agent is out of the office for any reason, then they are not receiving the request for the showing.  Our service is not dependent on a Realtor to set up or confirm showings. The seller is giving total control.

Our service is open 7:00 am - 10:00 pm. and will call or text (if you prefer) when there is interest in showing your home. You respond back and the appointment is set, essentially cutting out any missed showing opportunities due to your Realtor not being available.

Many sellers are often very interested to hear feedback on each showing. After each showing, the buyer's agent receive 9 questions to answer. As soon as the agent completes the form and hits "send" the results are in your email inbox. Again, you do not need to wait for your agent to send them to you. This service does it all and it is included in our 3.9% total seller's commission.