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Our Exclusive Agency Program exposes your property to thousands of buyers and Realtors while you retain the ability to sell FSBO.

Free MLS listing for FSBOYou are selling FSBO for one reason . . . your bottom line. If you want to maximize your 'net', you need RealStar. We can give you exposure to literally tens of thousands of qualified Buyers for FREE. While you are selling FSBO we can give you the MLS,, Relocation networks, dozens of RE sites, showing service,  automated feedback reports and so much for FREE with our Exclusive Agency Program. 

Recent reports indicate FSBO Sellers usually net up to 20% less than Sellers who use Realtors. Other reports indicate that fewer than 1% of all properties actually sell FSBO. Today's challenging environment requires a variety of marketing tools. You need the MLS,, relocation networks, Realtor web sites, Chambers of Commerce and more. FSBO sites can't offer any of these. You could spend $1,000s on a 'by owner' site and not get all the exposure you need. If you want to save money and maximize your odds of success you need RealStar.

Get exposed to the most Buyers possible.  Even if you are currently using a FSBO program you can use RealStar's extra marketing edge for today's competitive marketplace. It's like getting the expertise and the resources of a Full Service Broker for FREE!

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"I got my home listed in the MLS, and and still sold it myself, without paying a dime! My buyers saw my place online and thought everyone was looking at it! Thanks for the extra exposure." - Amy C.